The word “trader” is English and means “merchant”. Trader is a person who is trading with the help of financial tools for obtaining profit (in case of Forex – currency).

Each year the trader’s profession is joined by dozens of thousands of people around the world. This profession is becoming more and more popular. Two decades ago, activities in the field of trading were available for the few. Now any person who possesses computer skills and has the appropriate intelligence can become a trader.

The popularity of the profession is caused by the possibility of receiving high income, which is possible only for well-prepared traders. As a result of proper and purposeful trade, the average income of trading positions can exceed 100%.

Traders carry out their trading operations by means of a special software – trading terminal. Working with this software is possible for 5 working days 24 hours a day.

Knowledge and skills required for a trader:

  • Proper Analysis
  • Market Psychology
  • Proper Money Management
  • Risk Control
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Trade Indicator