Who We Are

FXGroup Company gives you the opportunity to access international trading systems from Georgia and to perform trading operations online. Trading on the Exchange means full participation in the Exchange and the possibility to trade with a variety of products (currencies, shares, oils, etc.). FXGroup Company is equipped with modern and internationally affordable systems that enable the consumers to provide comprehensive information on the market processes, including information about price fluctuations. The company is in partnership with various major banks and financial corporations worldwide, providing the company with financial stability.

The company aims at making a stock market field more recognizable and accessible in Georgia with it being a growing commercial instrument. To achieve this goal, FXGroup offers:

- International standards modern terminal
- Trading opportunity with no commissions
- High level analysts service
- Free trainings (2-week courses with individual exercises and approaches)
- Business seminars

Why FXGroup?

  • Low spread
  • Professional level training
  • MT4 Trading Platform
  • Trading with no commissions
  • Fast transactions
  • Deposit insurance

Why Forex?

  • Trading in the world financial markets by means of online platform
  • Future Business
  • Recognized as number one business
  • One of the highest earning activities
  • Your business is on your computer

A category member of the financial commission